What’s in a name nbcnews.com? Everything!

The story: Former Manson follower recommended for parole after 40 years (nbcnews.com 10-4-12)

The mistake: “Former Charles Manson associate Bruce Davis…”

“…recommendation that David be released.”

The Copy Vigilante says: Why should we believe anything in this article when nbcnews.com can’t even get the person’s name right? The first four times he’s mentioned his last name is “Davis”. But in the second-to-last paragraph he becomes “David”.  One of the first things my editor told me years ago at a major daily newspaper was this: “Make sure you always get the person’s name right!”

Let’s at least get the name right, msnbc.com!

The story: American in Cuban prison: ‘Get me the hell out of here’ (msnbc.com 4-20-12)


The mistake:Alan Gross: Get me the hell out of here” (It’s in the caption in the video.)

“Get me the hell out of here,” Brian Gross said… (It’s in the second paragraph of the body copy.)

The Copy Vigilante says: What’s in a name? Everything! If you can’t get the name of the subject of the article right, why should I believe anything else in the article? And I certainly should not have to google this person to find out his actual name!