Whose Rights Are These Anyway, Reuters?!

reuters 1The story: U.S.-backed forces win control of most of Syria’s Manbij from Islamic State: spokesman

The mistake: Activists and residents say dozens of civilians have been killed this month in air strikes in the city and to the north, and rights watchdog Amnesty International said the U.S.-led coalition must do more to prevent civilian deaths.

The Copy Vigilante says: I’ve always seen Amnesty International referred to as a human rights watchdog, not just a plain old boring rights watchdog. So whose rights are these anyway, Reuters? Aliens? Killer whales? Duck-billed platypuses?

Here are some of the Copy Vigilante’s favorite books: John C. Lilly –
The Mind of the Dolphin: A Nonhuman Intelligence (Consciousness Classics), Michael Lewis – The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine (movie tie-in) (Movie Tie-in Editions) and Charles W. Newhall – Fearful Odds: A Memoir of Vietnam and Its Aftermath

Hey Reuters, after 161 years you should know better!

The story: Alec Baldwin engaged to 28 year-old girlfriend (reuters.com 4-2-12)

The mistake: “Yes, it’s true! Alec proposed to Hilaria this weekend and we’re all excited for the newly engaged couple. Alec’s birthday is tomorrow — great way to celebrate!,” the actor’s spokesman Matthew Hiltzik said.

The Copy Vigilante says: The Reuters news agency was founded in 1851 and has been around for a long time.  So their editors should know better by now and further punctuation is not needed after this exclamation point!