Trump Supporters Won’t Be Happy!

cbsnews_comThe story: Alleged American ISIS Defector Held in Iraq ( 3-14-16)

The mistakes: “The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad told CBS News it could not confirm the detention of an Americna, indicating it had only recently become aware of the reports.”

“U.S. intelligence officials believe about a dozen American citizens have going to fight with ISIS in Iraq and Syria.”

The Copy Vigilante says: Donald Trump supporters would probably get really mad at the first error in this article. How the hell can we make America great again if can’t even spell American?! As for the second error, that’s just sloppy editing. Sigh, another missing word in the middle of a sentence in an article on a mainstream news website.

Here are some of the Copy Vigilante’s favorite books: Philip K. Dick – Solar Lottery, Edward Rutherfurd – Paris: The Novel and Dr. Hunter S. Thompson – Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72

Am I hearing this correctly,! logo

The story: Bernie Sanders campaign, DNC reach voter data deal ( 12-18-15)

The mistake: “But just before Sanders and the DNC were set to appear at hearing related to the lawsuit, the two parties struck a deal.”

The Copy Vigilante says: Once again we have a word missing from a sentence in a major news story on a news organization’s website. Granted it’s a small word, “a”, but it’s missing nonetheless. Sigh. If wrote sentence missing word words would ugly, right?! (Fill in the missing words and get a gold star from the Copy Vigilante!)

Here are some of the Copy Vigilante’s favorite books: Philip K. Dick –
The Cosmic Puppets, Kurt Vonnegut – Player Piano: A Novel and Bernard Cornwell – Sharpe’s Eagle (Richard Sharpe’s Adventure Series #2).

Words are important when it comes to journalism,!

cbsnews_comThe story: 3 die in Calif. Bank robbery, gun battle, high-speed chase ( 7/17/14)


The mistake: “Police shot out the SUV’s, disabling the vehicle, but the suspects refused to surrender and exchanged a final volley of gunfire.”

The Copy Vigilante says: The police shot out the SUV’s what?! Carburetor? License plate? Side view mirror? Once again a word is missing from a major news story. Umm, the last time I checked words were pretty damn important to news stories!

Hey NBC, try submerging your editors in an editing class!

nbcnewscomThe story: Local official is 6th arrest in Georgia baby’s shooting ( 3/29/13)


The mistake: “A handgun was discovered about two miles away from the crime scene, submerged a marsh, the Brunswick police spokesman said yesterday.”

The Copy Vigilante says: It’s really depressing when a major news organization doesn’t catch a word missing from a sentence. Granted it’s a small word, ‘in’, but still, pretty pathetic. And if we take this mangled sentence by itself we can have fun! If a marsh submerges itself, isn’t that redundant? And if something is trying to submerge a marsh it’s going to take a hell of a lot of water!

More fish in a barrel at

The story: Plane towing “Will You Marry Me?” banner crashes off RI ( 7-24-12)


The mistakes: “A romantic gesture went awry off the coast of Rhode Island Monday when a plane towing a “Will You Marry Me” crashed into the water.”

CBS Boston affiliate WBZ reported that the Coast Guard rushed to rescue the pilot, the only one on board the plane, at around 4:10 p.m. ET after receiving a radio transmission

GENERIC life preserver ring coast guard rescue drowning (CBS/AP)

The Copy Vigilante says: A “Will You Marry Me” what? Salt and Pepper shaker set? Clown hat? Duck-billed platypus? My point is it could be anything given the fact that a very important word is missing here (at least they got it right in the headline.) In the next paragraph a period is missing. Is it just me or don’t sentences need punctuation? The last mistake is the caption under a picture of the Coast Guard logo and a life preserver. While they sound like tags they’re not because they don’t link to anything. And if they were tags they don’t belong under a picture. Instead it’s just a babbling line of copy.


LA Times: We don’t need no stinkin’ words!

The story – Romney: It was Bush, not Obama, who averted second Depression ( 3-21-12)

The mistake: “From there, he pivoted to discuss the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, which Bush administration had adopted to ensure the U.S. banking system remained solvent…”

The Copy Vigilante says: The headline shocked me so I clicked on it to read further. The word “the” is pretty common and used a lot. And it’s also missing from this sentence! Tsk, tsk, LA Times. Once again, the old print guys should know better.

Don’t forget words

The story: Paterno fired as Penn State football coach ( 11-10-11)


The mistake: “At one point, a television reporter was pelted with rocks as members of media seemed draw most of the mob’s ire.”

The Copy Vigilante says:

Some people simply forget things. Take Texas Governor Rick Perry for example. During the Republican Presidential candidates’ debate he got two out of the three government agencies he wants to axe out of his mouth before stumbling on the third. I guess that’s what happens when you inhale the combination of oil fumes and campaign contribution cash too much.

But when it comes to writing and editing, it’s not a good idea to forget words that belong in the middle of a sentence! I know it’s only a little word – to – but it’s missing, mangling this sentence.


Something is missing – again!

The story: Fast, furious and wrong: Obama administration faces outrage over guns in Mexico ( 11-3-11)

The mistake: “The Fast and the Furious is movie franchise that’s been incredibly successful to its backers.”

The Copy Vigilante says: Once again we have the dreaded missing word. Granted, it’s a small word – a – but it is missing nonetheless, butchering this sentence! (It should read “The Fast and the Furious is a movie franchise…”) And to make matters worse it’s in the very first sentence of the story. The old print guys like the NY Daily News should know better. Tsk. Tsk.

Brodeur did what?!

Brodeur likely to miss Saturday’s game ( 10-14-11)

The mistake:Brodeur Thursday’s game after the first period because of a right shoulder injury.”


The Copy Vigilante says: Brodeur did what regarding Thursday’s game? Won it? Lost it? Set the record by stopping an astronomical 8,765,942 shots? Oh no that’s right he LEFT Thursday’s game, just like this editor LEFT out a word!