Eat too much red meat and get hit by a bus

The story: How to enjoy your daily meat without killing yourself ( 3-12-12)

The mistake: “A new study from researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health suggests consuming a higher amount of red meat can increase death risk from all causes and from cardiovascular disease and cancer.”

The Copy Vigilante says: Regarding the headline, the great Homer J. Simpson wouldn’t bother reading this article. He would just think, “Mmm, daily meat.” Ok, the headline did do its job though so I clicked on it to read further. I was astonished to read the line about eating a lot of red meat increasing my “death risk from all causes.” Did the report really claim that? Did check this? So if I eat a lot of red meat I could die from influenza, pneumonia and the Ebola virus? Or die by getting hit by a bus?