Pass the chips and remote, dude

The story: Smoking pot tied to slacking off at work ( 2-23-12)

The mistake: Smoking pot tied to slacking off at work

The Copy Vigilante says: Here’s another one for the DUH column! And the person who wrote this headline obviously does not smoke pot. If he or she did this person would realize pot smokers slack off at everything, not just work!

Chalk up another one for the DUH column!

The story: It’s OK to mourn the loss of celebrities ( 2-25-12)

The mistake: “When a star dies, it’s painful and tragic, but certainly not the same as mourning the loss of those we’re close to, Josh Levs says.”

The Copy Vigilante says: A duh! A big fat screaming duh! This is one of the worst captions ever written. And is this supposed to be news analysis?


No more Jackson music – really?!

The story: Jackson music will live on long after the trial ( 11-7-11)

The mistake: “Jackson music will live on long after the trial”

The Copy Vigilante says:  Oh really? And I thought the world would completely forget about the KING OF POP, and never again would a nightclub or radio station play his songs, nor would we ever see Thriller again, only the greatest music video ever made, because Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial was over. This awful headline gets a massive A DUH!!!

Insider trading on Sesame Street?!

The story:  U.S. Expected to Charge Executive Tied to Galleon Case (NY Times 10-26-11)

The mistake: “Most of the defendants charged with insider trading over the last two years have plied their trade exclusively on Wall Street.”

The Copy Vigilante says: Really?! Tell me something I don’t know. And what other street would they be plying their trade on? Sesame Street? Elm Street? K Street? (Actually yes – lobbyists are inside traders!)