Chicago Tribune: Double Trouble

The story: 1 dead, 2 wounded in drive-by shooting on Far South Side ( 2-27-12)

The mistake: 3 shot, 7 injured in West Pullman

3 shot, 7 injured in West Pullman (it’s in the caption below the video)

The Copy Vigilante says: Sometimes impaired people see double. Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble was a great band. There are double dates, double agents and kids play Double Dutch with a jump rope. BUT there’s no reason this caption should be doubled!



Chalk up another one for the DUH column!

The story: It’s OK to mourn the loss of celebrities ( 2-25-12)

The mistake: “When a star dies, it’s painful and tragic, but certainly not the same as mourning the loss of those we’re close to, Josh Levs says.”

The Copy Vigilante says: A duh! A big fat screaming duh! This is one of the worst captions ever written. And is this supposed to be news analysis?


It’s only a caption people, come on!

The story:  NY Giants playoff rewind: A look back at Big Blue’s three Super Bowls ( 2-6-12)

The mistake: “Jan. 7, 2001, NFC Divisional Round – Giants 20, Eagles 10: Jason Sehorn breaks open the game when he goes down low for a Donovan McNabb pass, tips it up, rolls over, grabs the ball, survives a collision with a teammated and runs it back 32 yards for a demoralizing (for Philly) touchdown.”

The Copy Vigilante says: This copy appeared as a caption next to a photo. Captions are easy to proofread. They’re not terribly huge blocks of copy and sit all by themselves near photos. So why is the word teammate spelled wrong?!