Come on Forbes, don’t botch a King of Pop Article!

The story: The Scandalously Boring Truth About Michael Jackson’s Will ( 8-17-12)

The mistakes: “Michael’s first child—Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., born on in February—is mentioned by name… ”

“Others have confirmed that the King of Pop was in the Big Apple that day.”

The Copy Vigilante says:  A big beer company once ran a “born on” ad campaign where they bragged about the freshness of their beer. The editor who worked on this story must have had a few at lunch because he/she couldn’t figure out if the article should get Prince’s precise birth date or just the month. As for the hyperlink, the editor forgot to underline “Big” and make it a link to NYC. Although something tells me their “editing” software decided to make this just a link to the company Apple. Hey Forbes, turn Hal off now!


Sigh. Another bad hyperlink.

The story:  Obama ramps up mortgage refinancing effort (LA Times 10-24-11)

The mistake: Obama ramps up mortgage refinancing effort

The Copy Vigilante says: I was interested in reading the LA Times’ take on Obama and the current mortgage mess. I clicked on the link above and was taken to the WRONG STORY! Suddenly I was looking at “Medical help for illegal immigrants could haunt Mitt Romney.” Now while all politicians churn my stomach it’s even more upsetting when hyperlinks are wrong!