Rambo better not see this one

The story: Stuntman killed on set of ‘Expendables 2’ (today.msnbc.msn.com 10-28-11)

The mistakes: “His is reportedly unconscious but in stable condition after undergoing a five-hour operation.”

“MORE: Sylvester Stallon and His ‘Expendables’ Bring Manly Men to Comic-Con”

The Copy Vigilante says: There are two big mistakes here. “His is reportedly…” Huh? What? Does anybody check this stuff before it goes online? And in a highlighted blurb/link they actually spelled Rocky’s name wrong. Rocky, people, come on now! He was the underdog everybody cheered for who later became the ass-kickin’ Rambo. Let’s just hope he doesn’t see this horrible editing mistake and decide to take some revenge on the copy desk!