It’s only a caption people, come on!

The story:  NY Giants playoff rewind: A look back at Big Blue’s three Super Bowls ( 2-6-12)

The mistake: “Jan. 7, 2001, NFC Divisional Round – Giants 20, Eagles 10: Jason Sehorn breaks open the game when he goes down low for a Donovan McNabb pass, tips it up, rolls over, grabs the ball, survives a collision with a teammated and runs it back 32 yards for a demoralizing (for Philly) touchdown.”

The Copy Vigilante says: This copy appeared as a caption next to a photo. Captions are easy to proofread. They’re not terribly huge blocks of copy and sit all by themselves near photos. So why is the word teammate spelled wrong?!

Don’t forget words

The story: Paterno fired as Penn State football coach ( 11-10-11)


The mistake: “At one point, a television reporter was pelted with rocks as members of media seemed draw most of the mob’s ire.”

The Copy Vigilante says:

Some people simply forget things. Take Texas Governor Rick Perry for example. During the Republican Presidential candidates’ debate he got two out of the three government agencies he wants to axe out of his mouth before stumbling on the third. I guess that’s what happens when you inhale the combination of oil fumes and campaign contribution cash too much.

But when it comes to writing and editing, it’s not a good idea to forget words that belong in the middle of a sentence! I know it’s only a little word – to – but it’s missing, mangling this sentence.


Something is missing – again!

The story: Fast, furious and wrong: Obama administration faces outrage over guns in Mexico ( 11-3-11)

The mistake: “The Fast and the Furious is movie franchise that’s been incredibly successful to its backers.”

The Copy Vigilante says: Once again we have the dreaded missing word. Granted, it’s a small word – a – but it is missing nonetheless, butchering this sentence! (It should read “The Fast and the Furious is a movie franchise…”) And to make matters worse it’s in the very first sentence of the story. The old print guys like the NY Daily News should know better. Tsk. Tsk.