Watch out for those flying hockey pucks!

The story: Devils top Flyers 4-3 in shootout ( 11-3-11)

The mistakes: “Parise said he and Kovalchuk have tried to make it as easy as possible in Henrique.”

“He’s a good player,” Parise aid.

The Copy Vigilante says: I think a hockey puck must have hit the editor who worked on this story in the head not once but twice! There are two mistakes two sentences in a row. With the first sentence the “in” should be a “for”. And below that, Parise didn’t “aid” anybody, he said something.

Brodeur did what?!

Brodeur likely to miss Saturday’s game ( 10-14-11)

The mistake:Brodeur Thursday’s game after the first period because of a right shoulder injury.”


The Copy Vigilante says: Brodeur did what regarding Thursday’s game? Won it? Lost it? Set the record by stopping an astronomical 8,765,942 shots? Oh no that’s right he LEFT Thursday’s game, just like this editor LEFT out a word!