can’t spell “Marla”

Woman: Skyjacker D.B. Cooper was my uncle (, 4-1-11)


The mistake: “After that Thanksgiving Day Marl Cooper said she never saw her uncle again.”

The Copy Vigilante says: When I was a wee bit of a cub reporter at the start of my journalism career (at New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press) one of the very first things my editor told me was to never misspell a person’s name. He said if we couldn’t get that right, “Why should the reader believe anything else in the article?”

For the first six references spelled a simple name, Marla, correctly. But for some odd reason at number seven they got lazy and lopped off the ‘a.’ Granted, this is a story about legendary skyjacker D.B. Cooper and many tall tales have sprung up regarding him since his daring 1971 leap into infamy. But why should I believe anything in this article if can’t even spell Marla!