Chicago Tribune: You’re once, twice, FIVE times an error!

The story: Romney gains strength ahead of Super Tuesday (Chicago Tribune 3-5-12)

The mistakes: “Adding to his momentum in the race to become the challenger to Democratic PresidentBarack Obama in the November 6 election…”

“Cantor is from the Super Tuesday state of Virginia, where only Romney and libertarianRepresentative…”

“…Cantor said onNBC’s Meet the Press.”

“Republican SenatorTom Coburn…”

“Gingrich toldCNN’s State of the Union…”

The Copy Vigilante says: While it shouldn’t happen even once, only one time isn’t so bad. But when the same mistake happens FIVE times in the same article, someone is asleep at the wheel. Once again the old print guys should know better. It’s a really good idea to put a space between two separate, distinct words.

Chicago Tribune: Double Trouble

The story: 1 dead, 2 wounded in drive-by shooting on Far South Side ( 2-27-12)

The mistake: 3 shot, 7 injured in West Pullman

3 shot, 7 injured in West Pullman (it’s in the caption below the video)

The Copy Vigilante says: Sometimes impaired people see double. Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble was a great band. There are double dates, double agents and kids play Double Dutch with a jump rope. BUT there’s no reason this caption should be doubled!