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I read a lot of articles online and get angry when I see bad writing, typos and editing mistakes. Writers and editors need to constantly check their work to make sure it’s sensible and doesn’t have any errors. I’ve even seen a person’s name (the main subject of the article, no less!) misspelled. There’s no excuse for egregious errors like misspelling someone’s name and the article loses a lot of credibility when this happens.

AND the Copy Vigilante will find you! I’m constantly searching the Internet for bad writing and editing mistakes so I can point them out and publicly shame the perpetrators.

To check out Lyle’s fiction, poetry, photos and articles go to www.soma1894.com. For his travel blog go to www.oddintentions.com and to see some of his skiing, windsurfing and kiteboarding exploits go to www.windnut.com.

Contact the Copy Vigilante at lyle@copyvigilante.com.


Here are some of the Copy Vigilante’s favorite books: Richard Matheson – I Am Legend, Stephen King – On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft and Pierre Boulle – Planet of the Apes.

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