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The story: Bernie Sanders campaign, DNC reach voter data deal ( 12-18-15)

The mistake: “But just before Sanders and the DNC were set to appear at hearing related to the lawsuit, the two parties struck a deal.”

The Copy Vigilante says: Once again we have a word missing from a sentence in a major news story on a news organization’s website. Granted it’s a small word, “a”, but it’s missing nonetheless. Sigh. If wrote sentence missing word words would ugly, right?! (Fill in the missing words and get a gold star from the Copy Vigilante!)

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The Cosmic Puppets, Kurt Vonnegut – Player Piano: A Novel and Bernard Cornwell – Sharpe’s Eagle (Richard Sharpe’s Adventure Series #2).

I’ll leech off of this one no problem,!

cbsnews_com The story: “You can get cancer”; Uranium contaminates water in the West ( 12-8-15)

The mistake: “Irrigation allows year-round farming, and the irrigated plants naturally create a weak acid that is leeching more and more uranium from sediment.”

The Copy Vigilante says: Leeches are ugly little creatures. Some eat meat, others suck blood but if they “leeched” uranium they’d either all be dead or super-strong, giant monsters ruling planet earth. It’s the “leaching” process at work here, CBS News, not mega-freak worms!

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