You call this sports writing,!

The story: Derrick Rose’s injury punch to gut of Chicago, opens doors elsewhere ( 4-28-12)

The mistakes:Derrick Rose’s injury sucks. He is out for the playoffs with a torn ACL and there is no other word but sucks to do it justice. (Well, other words I can run here, anyway.)… First and foremost, this just sucks for fans of basketball…”

The Copy Vigilante says: Are you kidding me?! The lede is “Derrick Rose’s injury sucks”?! Who wrote this, a 12-year old? And how old was the editor, 13?! And why such biased sympathy? They then try to justify it with “no other word but sucks to do it justice” and following line about what terms they can and can’t run. Then we get hit with it again after “First and foremost, this just sucks…”

This is some of the worst sports writing I’ve ever read. It’s awful. Just terrible. Dare I say it? Yup, it sucks!

Let’s at least get the name right,!

The story: American in Cuban prison: ‘Get me the hell out of here’ ( 4-20-12)


The mistake:Alan Gross: Get me the hell out of here” (It’s in the caption in the video.)

“Get me the hell out of here,” Brian Gross said… (It’s in the second paragraph of the body copy.)

The Copy Vigilante says: What’s in a name? Everything! If you can’t get the name of the subject of the article right, why should I believe anything else in the article? And I certainly should not have to google this person to find out his actual name!